Get to know me !

Hi, I'm Rhodes

I'm from Florida but currently reside in a small town in blazing Arizona called Coolidge. I can tell you that I love Jesus and I am married to my best friend and a mom of two kiddos. I can tell you all the professional things about me, But the truth is I read way too many books, eat a lot of cake, and do all the unhealthy things that you are not supposed to and I binge-watch every show on Netflix. I'm the type of mama that when the pediatrician asks if my babies are sleeping in their own bed I say "YEP" My me time includes Pinterest DIY and shopping on Amazon for things I don't need. I love vibrant colors and I'm addicted to bohemian anything and everything.

But, most importantly I love getting to know you and finding ways to serve you better. I am not your typical photographer our session will include a lot of laughter, dancing, running around, playing games, and making silly faces at each other. If all those sounds fun then I'm your girl.

Coolidge AZ maternity photographer