A story of healing and second chances

Rose is one of my long-time clients. So when she reached out to me about doing a branding shoot I immediately said YES! Creating a custom shoot that fits her lifestyle and passion was a lot of fun.

In 2009 Rose was diagnosed with kidney failure and by 2018 she only had 3% kidney function and was on dialysis 10 hours a day. The doctors told her that it was impossible to have a baby and carry a baby successfully full term. Rose became super depressed to the point that she no longer cared about her own life. And then one day her husband mentioned how she should start gardening and that might take her mind off of what she was going through but at first, Rose was not interested. She slowly started looking into how to garden and how to live a healthy lifestyle and slowly but surely she fell in love and found her passion. In 2019 she received a donor's kidney and soon after that her kidney started rejecting after a few experimental medications and nothing worked she started looking into Sea Moss. She started taking Sea moss on the regular and started focusing on her relationship with God and mental health, she gives all the glory and credit to God. Long story short the doctor was amazed how her donor's kidney was at 100% along with her other kidney and that was the start of Rose's Holistic Garden. Rose's mission is to educate and help people heal their bodies naturally.

Oh by the way I had the pleasure of taking her maternity photoshoot and her daughter's first birthday. 

This shoot was super special and I wanted her vision to come to life. Branding shoots are all about storytelling. My goal is to capture the image in a way that your current and the future client would understand. 

So I created a plan for her and asked her a few questions

1. What's her vision and what did she want her brand to represent?

2. What props and wardrobe (choosing an outfit and accessories that makes you feel confident is key)

3. Locations

And the rest is history!!!

She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

Here are a few sneak peek of her lifestyle branding shoot.